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MM do say You can find some sonic benefits into a nicely produced PT, but I Truthfully couldn’t decide on everything, so I'm able to’t justify telling folks to shell out the $$ for one, Except You must.

Type a lot quicker than you at any time thought doable on this mechanical wonder. The addictive tactile feed-back allows you to Possess a faster, additional correct typing experience.

In addition to the automobile brushing and liquid dispensing capabilities, Vinylcleaner inherits the vast majority of goodness of Vinylmaster and in addition inside of a more compact offer.  

I just did the brilliant cap mod with a vox ac15cc amp. While, the top quality is a lot less severe, which happens to be wonderful, now, the amount Regulate to the pre amp doesn’t perform and also the treble Regulate cuts out Once i transform it almost all the way up. Do I need to put a jumper rather than the cap?

Aluminium foil will do the job in endeavoring to remove interference. Probably go more than two or three moments to give a thicker layer and see how it works out.

FWIW – if any of you obtain tempted to choose up an AC15CC1 on Unique a result of the new AC15C1 design, like I did, Many of these mods help it become a way more usable amp. Pre-mods, and even submit dazzling cap removal, I used to be even now getting a Laser Beam of Deathtreble® out with the dome of the speaker that has a mic (or positioning myself proper before the amp in which i could listen to just what the mic was). And this was utilizing humbuggers, neck PU, treble rolled waaaay again.

Mechanical mods, or mech mods, were being a few of the initial mods readily available just a few years ago. In fact, they had been at first conceived by vapers who modified flashlights, along with the name “mod” just caught. These days, mech mods come a number of styles and sizes beyond your common tube.

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To access the most crucial PCB board do the subsequent: (Every single process will relate to the picture below it, with components that must be removed circled in white. Click on the images to enlarge them)

During the stock sort, the AC15CC is like possessing the change from the ‘Tailor made’ placing, Therefore the controls are a little more independant and the mids are marginally scooped.

Immediately after I in good shape a valve rectifier, I’ll re-asses my B+/HT voltage And maybe return right down to the stock values, as the valve rectifier should really fall the voltage down a bit, when compared to the stable state rectifier.

I observed a person remark Having said that you experienced an image that confirmed the treble link connectd to floor but you mentioned that was Mistaken. Any solutions?

All of that his mod calls for is linking the unused lug with the bass pot to ground. The simplest way to do this, is to make use of the ground lug from the volume pot of the Top Increase channel.

Thales turntables and tonearms been given all spherical recognition from audio webzines for his or her remarkable performances. Will need no buzz, no gold badge or no oil-rig sizing tools but proven, Swiss craftsmanship and engineering to structure/Construct globe-class items       

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